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Cup Characteristics: Refreshing and cleansing with hints of honey and finish reminiscent of light Madagascar pepper.

Honeybush is often referred to as the other red tea. (The first being Rooibos.) Interest in Honeybush tea began in 1650's Cape Town when Dutch colonistss discovered that the African tribes living in the region brewed a sweet tea from a plant with sweetly scented bright yellow flowers - the Honeybush. The tea is also high in Pinitol, a modified sugar that is reportedly helpful in lowering blood sugar levels. Most importantly, the tea has a wonderfully sweet, slightly astringent flavor with deep overtones of honey - the overall flavor is unique and has been compared to hot apricot jam or a dried fruit mix. When brewing the tea, try adding a spoonful of honey to the cup, it will help open the flavor, and enhance the natural honey like character of the tea.


  • Ingredients: Honeybush Organic Certified Organic
    Tea(s) From: South Africa
    Region(s): Cederberg
    Antioxidant Level: Low
    Caffeine Content: None - Caffeine Free Herb
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