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  • Katryn Taylor

Camellia Estate Tea & Gardening

You can mix in the loose leaves in around plants. This promotes plant growth directly around the root system. This use of tea leaves for plant growth will not only nourish the plant as the tea decomposes, but aids in moisture retention and weed repression.

The beauty of using tea leaves in compost is that many of us have a serious habit that requires daily doses of caffiene, providing ample contributions to the compost pile. The caffeine contained in tea bags used in compost (or coffee grounds) does not seem to adversely affect the plant or raise the acidity of the soil.

Composting tea leaves is a “green” method of disposal and terrific for the health of all your plants, providing organic matter to increase drainage while maintaining moisture, promoting earthworms, increasing oxygen levels and maintaining soil structure for a more beautiful garden.

So enjoy your cup of tea then reap the benefits in your garden.

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