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Tips for Making a Perfect Cup of Tea The freshness of the leaves​ - The loose leaf tea quality is an essential part of the quality of the brew. The tea leaves' biggest enemies are light, heat, strong smells, and humidity. In order to ensure the freshness of the loose leaf tea leaves, Make sure your loose leaf tea is stored air tight and light sensitive containers.

The water quality - Chlorine in tap water can interfere with taste. It is recommended to use filtered water or mineral water.

Water temperature - Boiling water should be used to brew black tea leaves. For a brew of more delicate loose leaf tea leaves, it is recommended different temperatures according to which loose leaf tea chosen. There are a number of tea kettles that manage this electronically.

The amount of leaves ​- 1 tablespoon to 4 cups of water is a good starting point. Then there is personal taste. If you like stronger add a little more. Do not use a tea ball when using loose leaf tea. Use a basket or straight into the pot and use a strainer when pouring into cup.

Brewing duration- The brewing duration changes according to the types of loose leaf tea leaves, but in general, the smaller the leaves, the shorter the brewing duration. The leaves should be brewed between three to five minutes.​

Additives- Various things may be added to brewed tea in order to suit it to the preferred personal taste. It is well known that adding sugar enhances many flavors in food and drinks. Other common additives are lemon, vanilla pods, herbs, milk and alcohol.

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