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CAMELLIA ESTATE Wedding Planning

This year I am busy planning for my eldest son's wedding.

I am so excited because I finally have a daughter to share all my girlie treasures.

I did not neglect to show my sons the wonders of tea.

But you can only go so far before you get the awe mom look of please not another tea party.

She has a very generous family in letting this wonderful event happen at our home.

My catering and tearoom experience is lending to the exploits of the day.

The bride to be wants an outside garden wedding so I have been whipping the landscape into shape.

I have been planting items to keep their blooms in the fall for the October occasion.This is my favorite time of year, so this has not been so much of a chore, as it has been an exciting adventure in gardening.

Wish us luck with perfect blue skies to marry under the stars.


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